Tuesday, 7 August 2012

#EXOPOLITICS Col. Philip Corso #Roswell #DISCLOSURE

And so, no doubt new visitors are thinking WTF ... Just WTF has EXOPOLITICS got to do with BANKING.  Well now, we're now in the process of explaining, but to learn, one requires willing students.  And we are now entering areas, where the students, may teach the teacher, so if this is old hat for you, you need the (NOTE: 18+ ONLYprevious but one post, if this is too far deep end for you, please do NOT look back at that post above ...  First, you really need, very, very badly indeed, to start to learn the real history of the human race on planet earth.

Here we start backwards for the newbies, still; old hats may need to catch up and or review, if unfamiliar.  '... UFO ...above ATOMIC energy plant ... But before he could pull the damn rigger he blew up ..  They explained that ...   "They {the ET's} used some sort of ELECTRICAL , err, WEAPON of some kind, ..... because the second the pod came down - BOOM - instead, rather than the missile shot down the UFO, the PLANE blew up! ... "

Are you listening to the Rabbit?  ELECTRICAL WEAPON, FIRED BY E.T> CRAFT .This is all the WAY BACK WHEN ... as you're just about to hear ... if you can handle the TRUTH about ET.

Interview with the Lieutenant Colonel CORSO:

What happens when you put ELECTRICITY through STEEL?   It gets HOT, doesn't it.

What happens if you put ENOUGH electricity into STEEL?  It loses it's TENSILE STRENGTH right!

What happens if you put ENOUGH heat into STEEL; it MELTS, eventually doesn't it.

What happens if you phonetically STEEL; you STEAL.  ...  And if you don't get caught; well now, well in fact, you just might end up controlling the world for another 400 years, any insider that knew WHEN (and possibly even WHAT to steal) ... Well now, they'd make the 1% look poor now, wouldn't they, that 0.01% that had INSIDER KNOWLEDGE.  Those in possession of the SECRET (i.e. HIDDEN, i.e. OCCULT) knowledge, to understand the INSTRUCTION to STEAL.

If you dare, if not, you need more FACTS.

The White Rabbit!
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