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No no FBI, there wouldn't be a CONSPIRACY THEORY there was a dark, dark cabal out to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES FROM WITHIN.  Perhaps you can now update this report with BLOOMBERG (the false financial market data provider {and thus massive recipient of the proceeds of crime; yes, BLOOMBERG PERSONALLY, pretty obviously)).  Anyway, not to get side-tracked, by OBVIOUS LIBOR ARREST POSSIBILITIES for BLOOMBERG staff, employees, and possibly shareholders.  Perhaps FBI would have the GOOD SENSE (not to mention dignity) to revoke the horrific allegations in this incredible insight that there is NO CONSPIRACY.

The Brits, all the Europeans, Asia, and Latin America, and of course, Africa is now too also waking up to your DELUSION that the threat is from the PATRIOT community (at all).  You know it, THE WORLD KNOWS IT.   The threat is WITHIN; your DARK CABAL SECRET GOVERNMENT MUST BE HUNTED AND JAILED.  The suppressed technology that THE PEOPLE PAID FOR ... *must* be brought forth into the PUBLIC DOMAIN (at least all that that reasonably can).  HOSTILE INTENT UFO ... come on peeps, EVEN YOU HAVE FAMILIES AND YOU NEED TO KNOW TOO.  Just who the * has their ticket, and who doesn't?  URGENT PEEPS; URGENT!  Because The White Rabbit say's, if you're not got your ticket, well now, it's not like the X-Message & Mile Wide UFO & Hostile Intent Video by Intel isn't out there (along with our EXOPOLITICS - see the (increasingly we think alphabetically displayed section at the bottom of any page).  Before your kids get snatched too.

Mean what, they hadn't worked out the NEW WORLD ORDER is real, way back before 2000!  Yup, this DOX proves it (if you believe it's contents).  Research and analysis like this; no wonder the real 9/11 perps got released (by them?) and obviously, by making no statement about the CLEAR EVIDENCE NOW AVAILABLE ... that indeed, THERE WAS NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON [Head of All Military Intelligence telling you ; COME ON DUMBFUCKS WAKEY WAKEY] [GENERAL TELLING YOU; COME ON DUMFUCKS WAKEY WAKEY]] well now, just like in the UK, we SNIFF HUGE GREAT PILES OF CORRUPTION somewhere up there:as DOJ/FBI CHILD SEX SLAVES COVER-UP PROVES.  

Holder, maybe outright in your face MIND CONTROL AMERICA. And Americans might be TOO STUPID, TO UNEDUCATED (though, somehow, 100,000 dollars in debt, with parents on the streets).  Or supply kiddies ... (in association with the UK (NSA?????) covering it up; child-snatching VIA ARREST OF THOSE SEEKING TO PROTECT CHILDREN) goodness knows, where, like in the UK, for he N-S-A ... that no one anymore knows WHO CONTROLS ... Though there are rumors. We will be publishing someone's best guess soon! :)

nb: we got the DOX above per below, from the writing accompanying this vid, which we have not had time to watch yet (but likely will try .. though generally, anyone with Pastor, Preacher, etc, we tend not to give as much weight to as Human with correct insight like Dalia Lama and ... The White Rabbit! As our regular readers already know: even one of the last few Gods on Earth has realized that. So forget the worshiping of superior being (what the delusional call 'Super-Natural without the comprehension this phrase itself is OXYMORONIC (emphasis in the MORON in tht bit; for which, see SEMANTICS) nuspeak, slave-speak, of the New World Order we ALL (who are paying attention) see ALL AROUND US. Over to the dude ... great dox; gotta be worth a listen, even just got he got it! :)

I mean, we know he's a gun running MAFIA MAN, in the pay of the C-I-A ... running the guns in to 'manage' the FAKE FALSE IN YOUR FACE WAR ON DRUGS - the disappeared, silent; gone, no one knows where (ever) with the MAFIA, that is how you can spot them, so how does the MASS MURDERING USA NAZI GOVERNMENT STACK UP NOW FBI.

Go provide for profit prisons with ever number of SLAVES TO COMPETE **EXACTLY** AS CHINESE SLAVES, for the OWNDERS of the RECORD COMPANIES sent to CONTROL YOUR CHILDS' MINDS, if you want.  In Europe, we're educated enough to understand AMERICA IS BEING DUMBED DOWN INTO HUMAN AWAKE UNCONSCIOUSNESS.  We know the shoe in boy is MAFIA UK FUNDED ... By PENSION STEALING ... Why **have** you not yet ARRESTED AND QUESTION MITT ROMNEY about the STOLEN UK PENSION FUNDS that his firm may have been STARTED UP WITH.  Oh Americans, oh DUMBED DOWN Americans ... You are so near the end of your fate:

And also ...

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