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So now we have expanded your consciousness of what science can produce when applied to UFO in RODS ARE REAL we, as promised, and not to get thrown off track promised to introduce you to some actual aliens, gently gently though our regular visitors won't have missed the horror story, here's something to start to get you Human to understand the SPACE is FULL of lifeforms.  Maybe you missed our NSA and now NASA disclosure too (pushed by this very video - now LEGEND! ;).

You know, just like at the bottom of the deep, deep ocean, where stupid Human thought animals could not live.  Just a few short years ago. ;) Meet now, someone also doing something amazing with tech, using science to discover new life forms, but this time, up there, not down in the holes (and possibly flying right past your nose everyday, u know, like RODS).  Oh, also an award winner, as voting by those that know. ;)  Ride with the Rabbit!  With ...


Next onto the truth the world can't handle, building on our SATURN disclosures, we meet the TRUTH HEAD ON.  To the spaceship under earth; you know, the reason for the urgent and indecent haste with which the SOUTHERN OBSERVATORY was built.


"The South Pole Telescope (SPT) is a 10 metre (394 in) diameter telescope located at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica. The telescope is designed for observations in the microwave, millimeter-wave, and submillimeter-wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the particular design goal of measuring the faint, diffuse emission from the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).[1] The first major survey with the SPT–designed to find distant, massive, clusters of galaxiesthrough their interaction with the CMB, with the goal of constraining the Dark Energy equation of state–was completed in October, 2011. In early 2012, a new camera was installed on the SPT with even greater sensitivity and the capability to measure the polarization of incoming light. This camera is designed to measure the so-called "B-mode" or "curl" component of the polarized CMB, leading to constraints on the mass of the neutrinoand the energy scale of inflation.[2]

The SPT collaboration is made up of over a dozen (mostly North American) institutions, including the University of Chicago, theUniversity of California-Berkeley, Case Western Reserve University, Harvard/Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, theUniversity of Colorado-Boulder, McGill University, University of California at Davis, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich,Argonne National Laboratory, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology. It is funded by the National Science Foundation. (Continues) ..."

Mor answers, from ...


The White Rabbit! ... Coming up soon!
PS U need get YOUR head around Collier NOW (and not the dictionary):  But if you're totally clueless, start:

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