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Saturday, 4 August 2012

#BITCOIN The Future of Money #CryptoCurrencies #OTB

Of course, many have piled into bitcoin (overnight experts) ... The White Rabbit ... been around this industry for ten or so years .. heh ... More on our new site

This guy will be giving a talk on it as an expert, maybe in another 18 months. ;)  Not only does he not explain things very well at all (because he doesn't seem to understand the underlying technology of Public Key Cryptography) .. Anyway, he's still usefully right with a about 60-75% of this, so if you're totally new to bitcoin, you may benefit from watching this, and in fact, it's relatively necessary, because we've got a HUGE GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make about OPEN-TRANSACTIONS!  And if you're seriously behind the curve, the crass over-simplification, though it's going to mislead you in quite a few directions, nevertheless, right now, might actually be useful!

Check back later today; massive serious moves afoot, for serious business giving open-transactions serious use (this guy here mentions 'at some time in the future, because lots of smart people have been working on this really hard ... that's ... The White Rabbit and coder friends over on Open-Transactions development.  If you know this chap, do let him know. TIA. :)).  We don't mean to take the piss, because we're really pleased everyone is FINALLY working out a future financial system WITHOUT government THEFT ... (take it from Judge Nap) and that the ONLY GAME IN TOWN is a cipher or crypto-currency INFRASTRUCTURE of AUTOMATED ENCRYPTED VALUE EXCHANGE direct on PEOPLE's computer systems, not on the BANKSTERS FAKE FIAT FRAUD system.  He does obviously get GODZILLA though, and goes obviously also have the necessary insight into the fact that what is being done by the smartest people on the planet here, is to get criminal government out of the way of HONEST people again.

Why don't you subscribe to's RSS feed, so you hear the LATEST COOLEST STUFF ABOUT THE REAL SOLUTION TO ALL OF THE WORLD's PROBLEMS ... You know; OUR NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM:  We're launching MORE VIDEOS of the LATEST WORKING VERSION THIS WEEKEND on that site! :)   Not to be missed! :) Not if you want to skip off with YOUR money, before the BANKSTERS SKIP OFF WITH EVERYTHING (left) you've GOT!  It's simple ... Or it very soon will be. ;) heh!

Crikey, the USA military could SORT OUT THE ENTIRE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE on UNUSED bandwidth.  Simple really, haven't you heard?  Read more about OPEN-TRANSACTIONS.  30 minute WORKING tutorial/Demonstration (now what, 10 months OLD!) ...

Watch the 30 minute WORKING DEMO TUTORIAL right now.  So you can dive right in later today, with the latest, AND UNDERSTAND IT ... Why do we need this new system?


With Operation Occupy The Banks:  BECOME THE BANKS! :)  It's @OccupyOfficial! :)

Got loads of questions about open transactions; GREAT!  We've got lots of ANSWERS in the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS SECTION:

The White Rabbit!
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