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IMPORTANT: note, this is FALSE information; Andrea Davison has now been interviewed, and you can watch that interview right on #OTB

"What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common? – Part 3

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What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common? – Part 3

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They both ended up seeking political asylum in this building – The Ecuador Embassy in London

As I told you all in my last article Ms Andrea Davison has far more to offer than the CIA conman Julian Assange so why isn’t the world media interested in this scoop and more to the point just what does this women know that the British Government does not want you to know?

To prove that the information I printed is authentic I will now show you some very sensitive letters letter that Ms Davison herself released into the public domain before she was gagged and forced to take down her webpage…….you will see extremely confidential letters that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that all that she did was known to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the current PM David Cameron who between them not only carried out breaches under the Nuclear Explosions Act but she herself and her journalistic puppet, Pete Sawyer, could both have breached the Official Secrets Act!!

This story is truly a major scoop but the current Zionist controlled world media refuses to print it and those in high places continue to evade prison!!

Here are a sequence of letters that show communications between Ms. Davison and the Prime Minister and other very senior MP’s and member of the House of Lords which clearly reveal that the current Chilcot Inquiry will be a total cover-up and the star witness – Ms Davison was never called to give her evidence…….not to mention the fact that three nuclear weapons went missing and were allowed to be sold on the black market………many of the above received back handers from that fraudulent deal including our current PM who received £17.8 million for his party and another £1 million went to Tony Blair….not forgetting many other of the political elite who also got a slice of the cake!! ... (Continues) ..."


Credit: (finders @censorednewsnow via actually, they asked us not to say! <g> @censorednewsnow)

PS.  The 'accidental leak':

Lost?  The beginning (which Goes way, way, deep into Thatcher Burrows in RACIST NAZI SOUTH AFRICA of the 1980's a way back, before even that, if you remember SUPER GUN/IRAQ and yes, BILDERBERG IN THE UK HEAD KEN CLARKE: ;)  (Sometimes, I make SECRET TRIALS reasons to emerge, so easily) ... Only thanks, to this man: read him:

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