Wednesday, 25 July 2012

#SECRETSPACE Please Help Trashed Pilot #NASA #OWS

The bankster truth; from a patriot pilot of the SHUTTLE:

Germans are from the star system (unclear, see next)... where the VOYAGER was (still is) travelling to); directed their by Wernher von Braun; Arch NAZI.  THIS SHUTTLE PILOT CONFIRMS ET WORKING WITH SPACE SHUTTLE ASTRONAUTS IN SPACE!

"Alderaan (astronomy)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Not to be confused with the star Aldebaran. For the fictional planet in the Star Wars universe, see Alderaan.

Alderaan and similar spellings (e.g. "Alderahan") is a disused name for the two pairs of stars α and β Canis Minoris (Procyon and Gomeisa) and α and β Geminorum(Castor and Pollux). The name was taken from Arabic al-dhirā`ain الذراعين (= "the two forearms" or "the two front paws" or "the two cubit measuring rods").[1] The term originally referred to the "measuring rods'" meaning, but an astronomer whose native language was not Arabic supposed that it meant "the two forepaws" literally and invented an enlarged rampant Lion asterism centered on Leo and stretching over a quarter of the sky with its forepaws at these two pairs of stars."


Aldebaran (α Tau, α Tauri, Alpha Tauri) is a red giant star located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation ofTaurus. With an average apparent magnitude of 0.87 it is the brightest star in the constellation and is one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky. The name Aldebaran is Arabic (الدبران al-dabarān) and translates literally as "the follower", presumably because this bright star appears to follow the Pleiades, or "Seven Sisters" star cluster in the night sky.[3]

In 1997 a substellar companion was reported but subsequent observations have not confirmed this claim."


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