Friday, 27 July 2012

#HSBC Money laundering - Lord Green AWOL ACCOUNT

"Money laundering at HSBC; Lord Green fails to turn up

Britain’s Trade minister Lord Green has been accused of treating the public and Parliament with contempt after he refused to face questions on what he knew about money laundering at HSBC.

The former chairman and chief executive was in charge when Britain’s biggest bank ran accounts laundering money for Mexican drug barons and even Al Qaeda associates. The wrongdoing has been exposed by a US Senate inquiry.

However, when an urgent question was granted in the House of Lords yesterday - effectively summoning Lord Green to the despatch box - he failed to turn up.

The businessman has spoken only five times in the Lords since he was given a ministerial post two years ago. He is also an adviser on banking to Chancellor George Osborne.

Critics argue that he is happy to jet around the world at taxpayers’ expense but is unwilling to open himself to the kind of accountability expected of normal politicians.

Further concerns were raised yesterday when it emerged that Lord Green met senior figures from HSBC for dinner on January 9 this year. (continues) ..."

You know, just as the Senate Investigation was beginning! ;)


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