Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; 10 Reasons Our Country Has Gone Down The Toilet

"Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Heiress Lives In A Tent; 10 Reasons Our Country Has Gone Down The Toilet

Originally Posted On April 12, 2012

Attorney General Harris' second letter indicating the federal crimes committed against me, (embezzlement of my 80M$ trust acct by a national bank) weren't her jurisdiction, but she doesn't bother to mention who does have jurisdiction. This is because she's lying.

I finally understand why the United States has gone down the toilet. No I didn’t mean getting ready to go down the toilet, it’s not circling the drain. It is completely flushed away. Why might you ask? Let me tell you.

#1) Our elected officials KNOW that the public can do nothing to them no matter what they do.

#2) The Government employees get paid just for showing up, sometimes they can just call in. After all their union has gotten them the sweetheart deal of all deals. They cannot be fired.

#4) The media has their own agenda and refuses to report anything of importance.

#5) Worst of all the citizens of this country,  tell themselves "I have what I need the hell with everyone else." They hear of people in dire straits and just go on about their day as if nothing is wrong. They expect or assume that someone else will do something. It truly is amazing!

#6) The churches are more concerned with building a bigger church than the one down the street. They want to turn their pastor into a Rock Star. They forgot why they are there.

#7) The "not for profit "agencies are gathering all these donations to pay the founders of these Non-Profits and their cronies bigger and bigger salaries. They have forgotten why they were formed, or maybe they never knew?

#8) The Supreme Court of The United States has completely forgotten why they are there. The Constitution has become a document that is just a recommendation as opposed to what it is THE LAW.

#9) The civil courts are ruling on issues without any concern for the true victims. An individual is considered an equal to a multi-billion dollar bank. Really, now how the hell is that even remotely fair and impartial?

#10) The Lawyers are so corrupt and the Bar Associations so inept as to be a joke.

A legal document listing my assets; signed by then Anthony M Kennedy Esq. as my counsel in 1974

I could make this list into a thousand issues, but I need to get this up before my Internet runs out. I’m writing multiple articles today because it keeps me occupied and not thinking about my hunger pains. It helps to keep me focused on what I want my legacy to be. I want to be a contributing member of society I want to open peoples' eyes to the real reason we are in this situation. Yes, I am scared but I truly do know that God Is On Our Side. I just wish He would make it a little easier.

I hope you readers remember me when the world you live in collapses all around you. I hope that doesn’t happen, I just know that it will. Unless, of course you have prepared yourself to fight back?

I feel very much the way I assume a death row inmate must feel when they are less than 48 hours away from being executed. Because in less than 48 hours I will no longer have the ability to communicate with anyone but Larry and my weenie dog Bu Bu.

God only knows if that will be a cause for celebration for the readers of my articles? I know it will be for my family, I mean blood group. My family is here with me. I don’t know the people I once called family, because family doesn’t treat one of their own this way.

I’ll write as fast as I can, see ya.

By: Deborah Breuner (Davis)

Posted by Deborah Breuner at 10:18 AM "

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