Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hah ... Maybe The White Rabbit! ....

"Damian McBride, who worked as a special adviser to Gordon Brown at Number 10 between 2007 and 2009, claimed he had been shown a “stand-alone computer through which No 10 staff could use personal email accounts”.

This computer, understood to have been in a ground-floor room at No10, was run separately from the main Downing Street server, which blocked such accounts, Mr McBride said. He added that he had been told by officials: “We don’t discuss this publicly. We don’t want people going on about 'second Downing Street email systems’.”

His account was in stark contrast to official denials given during the cash-for-honours investigation, which dogged the former prime minister’s last period in office.

In 2006, Mr Blair’s government was accused of offering peerages and other honours to business leaders in return for substantial loans made to Labour before the 2005 general elections.

As police investigated the matter, it was alleged that people working at No 10 had been able to circumvent the “normal” email system by using personal emails from a secret “second” system. Any such communications would have been outside the scope of the police inquiry into the affair, which saw several arrests, while Mr Blair was personally questioned by detectives as a witness.

Responding to this suggestion, Lord O’Donnell told MPs on the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) in January 2007 that John Yates, the former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner who led the cash-for-honours case, had said he had received “excellent co-operation” from the Cabinet Office. Lord O’Donnell added: “We have had no complains from them [the police] about access. We have complied fully with any requests. The Prime Minister has made it clear to me, to ensure that we co-operate fully with the police, and that is what we have done.

“There is no second email system inside No10.” 

May need to eat these words .... 



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