Wednesday, 4 July 2012

#ASCENSION The Real Four Noble Truths #WATTS RT

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION:  please see comment section! :)

We're not quite sure what to make of this - it certainly doesn't sound like the Alan Watts of Conspiracy fame!  Nevertheless, we started listening to this (understanding as we do some of the basics of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, and it started to get real interesting real quick!   As we're on a drive to increase inter-faith understanding at the moment, because we've all GOT to come along on this ride if the human race is to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, we present "The Real Four Noble Truths". If you missed a Buddhist monk take on the quintessential truths of Buddhism, please first watch:  "The Four Noble Truths" before you hear this westerners take on the same subject.  Contrast, and Compare, as the school essay questions used to read!

ALAN WATTS (?):  The Real Four Noble Truths

"Uploaded by plague613 on 21 Apr 2009
Alan Watts Speaks!  Enter Here: "

NB  We'll try get a confirmation from Alan that this is him, and if not, find out who it is (if a person of the same name, a bit more about them, too!).  The Mor Official version from a Monk here! ;)

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  1. There is no Alan WattS of conspiracy fame. That guy is Alan Watt (with no S). I think he is still alive. You are dealing with Alan Watts, who was a catholic priest (as of 1946) and then "dropped out" and became famous prior to (?) and through the Hippie culture of the Bay area of California. There are two pictures of him at the bottom of this:

    1. Thanks so much for this clarification!

      We will amend the above page to draw attention to your comment and hereby apologise to both Mr Watt and Mr Watts (or any remaining relatives if he has passed away), for the confusion we created here.


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