Saturday, 21 July 2012

#FUKUSHIMA 太平洋 #放射能 汚染10年間予想図 Pacific Sea #RADIATION

Of course, the trouble with this is that it only covers the pacific.  Of course, the radiation will be taken by global water currents around the entire globe, endlessly, from now on.  Maybe you didn't know we were one of the first sites to start telling you the real horror of for instance RADIATION RAIN in the UK (UPDATE 2) , TORONTO, CANADA, for examples?  What about the

It's all not so far fetched once you start receiving thanks in from Japan, along with videos accompanying them explaining the JEWISH GENETICS of JAPANESE ... Surprised?  We were, we had no idea until the couragous Japanese person got in touch to let us know.

Puts a WHOLE NEW COMPLEXTION on the subject, don't you think, when it's court proven FACT that GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH's father was a CONVICTED NAZI WAR FINANCIER.  And of course, thanks to a HERO of The White Rabbit! ... Sibel Edmonds (original ON OATH TESTIMONY IN FULL), we know all about the SECRET NUKE SALES DONE BY DARK CABAL USA MEMBERS, right into IRAN  You know, the JAPANESE DYING from a CENSORED NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST taking place, by Illuminati Dark Cabal Design; Afghanistan; Iraq; Libya; Syria. ... Do you get the Japan bit *now*; of why it's NOT REPORTED ANYWHERE REALLY, anymore; a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST.

Much easier (and easier to get away with) to simply set off Fukushima.  We know these people are INSANE PSYCHOPATHS; Shin Bet's ex-head told you on this blog.

U awake Bro/Sis?  U gettin' ...


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