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Now this is an interview we've not had a chance to listen through all the way yet, but it was sent our way by a usually very good source of information for consideration for inclusion onto this website. We've decided to run with it and put it one, because this is one of the few times we've come across someone talking about some of the issues we've previously only really heard about 3-4 people on the planet really discuss with any level of seriousness: are we all turned into bonds (speaking legally, rather than literally! <g>) at the time, and perhaps even by the STATE REGISTRATION of our BIRTH? Could the BANKSTERS CONS run that deep (wow; even for The White Rabbit!) .... Jordan Maxwell is of course the public lead on this sort of research and we have included Jordan Maxwell's Admiralty Law Expose Video already. Central point remains; is there any truth to this allegation? ...

GLOBAL BONDED SLAVES OF THE VATICAN; A Redoubt from Australia (Royal Slave State ;))

It's allegedly as simple as calling your broker to find out ...

Yes, and with all that ease and simplicity, and exposition of what is necessary to be done to confirm this, it seems no one, worldwide has done AND confirmed the truth by publishing that investigation and result ... U Mad Bro? ... And so caution; Santos Bonacci, is someone we've never come across, but we fear he may be simply reiterating earlier research; we just don't know yet; and will amend this page with our thoughts once we've done so AND had a few moments, to do a little more digging.

Meantime, we due to the essential importance of the allegations if true, we fear we have no choice other than to plough on and get on site (at the moment pretty much anyone) Santos Bonacci, who seems to think he has some at least, of the inside track on VATICAN OWNERSHIP OF HUMANS.

"Uploaded by Thyalwaysseek on 26 Jan 2012

Unbeknown to you when your parents registered your birth they actually sold your soul to a Trust owned by the Vatican, and so began your enslavement under them. They see themselves as the masters of the world and we are naught but cattle/chattel. This video presentation by Santos Bonnaci shows how they masterminded this manipulative and deceitful plan over the masses and how you can regain your sovereignty and take your soul back.

SANTOS BONACCI UNIVERSAL TRUTH SCHOOL: http://universaltruthschool.com/

MR ASTROTHEOLOGY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrAstrotheology

SANTOS BONACCI RADIO PROGRAM (American Freedom Radio): http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/Santos_Bonacci_12.html "

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