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It's seems like the 10,000 Arrests of Dark Cabal the RESTORATION of the COMMON LAW and the ENDING OF MODERN SLAVERY & the RETURN OF FREEMAN LAW THOUGHT, thought long abandoned by the intellectual mind-control over the Nation of Bulldogs is here!

"Occupy Police conducts investigation into those behind ‘police reform’ in the UK and releases a 40 page report revealing political and financial agenda, and possible corruption and concludes with 10 demands, or “recommendations” to Parliament

This report was written by both, police officers and occupiers, together -

We have released a report broken down into 2 parts. In Parts 1 and 2 we will introduce you to all the key players involved in ‘police reform’ in the UK including ACPO, G4S (who has a horrible track record of human rights abuse) and Policy Exchange to name a few. We will also show you how these key players are interconnected with each other and positioned to make billions of pounds while enhancing their private and political careers. The revelations in this report lead us to believe that money is the sole motivator behind ‘police reform’. In an already heavily corrupted financial system we can not in good faith allow Tom Winsor’s recommendations to be put into action before parliament has conducted a full investigation (based on the findings in this report and the attached 100+ page appendices) into the leaders behind the police reform agenda.

Also within the report you’ll find a foreword from occupiers within OCPO as well as a pre-report question and answer segment with a Serving Officer in the UK. Each of the two parts of this report concludes with a set of 5 recommendations to parliament. The report is lengthy so we’ve included our recommendations at the bottom of this release, as well as a link to the full report, we’d like the public to be made aware of this report and the recommendations within, this is the reason for this press release.

Thank You, Danny / Founder of Occupy Police

Alt Mail:
Twitter: @Occupy_Police

Occupy Police has been fully engaged with the occupy movement since it’s inception, we are the (often anonymous) voice of pro-occupy, police. Our work focuses heavily on bridging the gap between the public and police, as well as on police related issues that have come up as a result of the financial collapse of 2008, we also focus heavily on putting an end to corruption and brutality. We’ve worked tirelessly to keep occupy non-violent and free from brutality using our ‘Operation SHIELD’ and stand now, as we have; openly in support of ‘Occupy’ and Police worldwide. -

Below are our two sets of recommendations to Parliament based on our findings – Link To the Full Report Here
Part 1 of our report explores the links between former, senior, police officers and the private security and consultancy industry and concludes with 5 recommendations to Parliament :
1) The immediate initiation of a full inquiry into policing and police reform and until such time as the below inquiry topics have been resolved, the current police reforms, including those relating to Winsor Part 2 are to be placed on immediate hold.
2) The extent of this private industry link and, the influence this has had on the process and progress of the police service as a whole and, the current reform agenda, must be explored and probed in full.
3) The extent of the links between ex and serving senior officers and, the influence this has had on the process and progress of the current reform agenda, must be explored and probed in full.
4) The link between White Case, the legal firm of Tom Winsor (Independent Police Review Lead) and G4S must be probed and it decided whether there was a potential or apparent conflict of interest, taking into consideration the full reform agenda.
5) The link between ADS and Sir Edward Crew, principle professional assistant of Tom Winsor, must be explored in full as must his activities in his ADS capacity, to ensure that there has been no potential or actual conflict of interest or cross-over between future business interests and reforms made to the structure and format of the police.

Part 2 of this report focuses on additional forces driving police reform, agencies, think tanks, political parties and academics. We conclude with 5 additional recommendations to Parliament :
1) The link between think tanks and donations must be fully explored to ascertain whether or not lobbying or business influence on government policy, has taken or is taking place, either deliberately or by coincidence. This incorporates ‘sponsored events’.
2) The links between individuals holding current public offices and those working within the think tanks must be fully explored to ascertain whether boundaries are being stretched or abused.
3) The link between think tank donations by foreign donors and party donations must be fully explored to establish whether there should be concern about party support by alternative or prohibited methods.
4) The link between think tanks and the media must be explored to preserve the impartiality of the press, by means of ensuring it has not and is not being used to control or influence content.
5) The link between Prof Richard Disney, principle advisor to Tom Winsor, and the LSE / Institute of fiscal studies must be explored to ensure impartiality in his input.

Full report link Corruption, Political Agenda and Money, A look at the Players Behind the Worlds First Attempt at Mass Police Privatization - The report has been dubbed ” The Anti Winsor Report”"


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