Friday, 15 June 2012

日本 FUKUSHIMA 日本の抗議 内閣総理大臣 #OTB

To the people of Japan; the world is PROUD OF YOU FOR FINDING YOUR VOICES; this is NOT a time to sit back and be quiet; the CENSORSHIP of FUKUSHIMA is TOTAL on the mainstream media in the west Japanese.  

You must ROAR SO LOUD IT DEAFENS THE ENTIRE PLANET.  In this, you will find your voice finds ears.  We are very proud, and very humble, in supporting your first MAJOR PRIME MINISTER PROTEST.  

Regulars not familiar with Japanese culture need to understand this is a GROUND-BREAKING EVENT for JAPANESE CULTURE; hence so many tears

"People of the general public gathered in front of 11,000 people to protest the prime minister's official residence Oiigenpatsu 2012/06/15 running again, did you protest! Was taken up to the end from the center of the protest. (In away that crying I think but not all, atmosphere approximate and transmitted it was also a column extending to the front from the middle.) to the impression of too much, crying I have entered, I'm sorry!"

Source:  Published June 15 2012 by Hyperballad2011




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