Sunday, 10 June 2012


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Most significant Drake interview for some time ... 

We have not yet had a chance to listen to it all the way through, suffice to say, this one for the discerning researcher, may prove significant.  We do not wish to say why at this time

Will will also shortly be publishing the naming of an alleged British Spy; one for both MI6 and MI5.  In the info/disinfo-war for your mind, the info/disinfo is starting to fly so thick there's little short of listening yourself is going to help you at this point, though we will likely publish our thoughts on this interview, and the others we are shortly to publish, once you and ourselves, have had the chance to absorb and think about the contents! Oh, and don't forget your free 2 open gold holding

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What a Sunday, huh!  ... So much for a quiet one!! <g>  As ever, do feel free to kick off the discussion via the FREE SPEECH COMMENT FORM appearing beneath every post!  With this interview and the next coming online, we're about at the point where everyone needs a helping hand in trying to see through the BS and into the light!  More soon!

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