Friday, 15 June 2012

#DARKCABAL Benjamin Fulford - 11th June #OTB

A man no one interested in the truth can ignore (yet) having burst onto the scene in this dramatic interview (with The White Rabbit's thoughts interspered between the videos).  We feel the name Benjamin Fulford may end up in the history books (either way) ...  Here we go, as ever, and now especially with the allegation Mr Fulford is an MI5 (or was it MI6? <g>) agent <g> ... We have an update from the main man hisself:

The wisest of Occupiers have worked out (or should have done by now), that having one elite (the western CRIMINAL elite) replaced by another elite (the Eastern CRIMINAL elite) is no help to anyone (except perhaps the Asian CRIMINALS).  

Mr Fulford; listen to The White Rabbit!  We need COMPETING CURRENCIES, not GLOBAL GANGSTER GOVERNMENT transferring from one Royal Elite (you know you know there's something going on when you phone up the bank of England and they won't tell you who the Bank of England Nominees Ltd is nominee FOR) to another Royal Elite!

I don't know about you, but swapping American MAFIA for JAPANESE MAFIA, is not The White Rabbit's idea of Ascension (or a NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM) at all.

Stay tuned, for we do suspect Mr Benjamin Fulford may be sincerely intentioned ... Despite the 'evidence' of Stew Webb; mere allegation at the moment without proof.  As regulars know, we're BIG on PROOF, here at Operation Occupy The Banks! :)

#RightRabbit ;)

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