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The full press conference in IRAN of Vladimir Putin, who do note, rather than ignore ILLEGITIMATE OBAMA (the birth certificate issue wasn't live in AMERICA back then but you can BET the FSB is MORE THAN AWARE of the issues relating to OBAMA's BIRTH AND LIFETIME WORKING FOR THE CIA) ... You know, that only just dawned on The White Rabbit; seeing Obama's COLD breakfast with Putin in quite another light entirely.  

No wonder he didn't bother to grace a smile, a handshake, or any warmth towards Obama whatsoever; Putin must have known then what America (and only thanks to HEROIC efforts by *some* (non-Federal, note) LAW ENFORCEMENT and Ex-NSA!) is only starting to believe right now:  that Obama is not just a BANKSTERS' puppet, but ALSO CIA (come now, you hadn't worked out why they just WON'T let the TRUTH about his BACKGROUND come out before now?!):  Code name TIM OSMAN if you didn't know; that's The White Rabbit! ;)

"Published on 8 Jun 2012 by Marine1063
Русский , ایران‎ , English subtitles June 07, Putin meets Ahmadinejad in Beijing.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the following:

"The situation in the region and the world requires more serious and broader cooperation between Iran and Russia; in other words, Iran and Russia are on one side of the barricades. There are people opposing progress and development both in Russia and in Iran. We have a good experience and a history of bilateral cooperation. We are friends and neighbors, so we must cooperate and broaden this cooperation which will contribute to regional stability and security, especially as NATO is eyeing the East.

The Caspian Sea region is a good floor for bilateral cooperation. I believe Russia and Iran may reach mutual understanding and invite other countries to join them. We have the possibility to use the entire potential of the Caspian Sea basin. I am very much interested in a visit to Moscow."

Путин провёл переговоры с Ахмадинежадом Пекин, Китай.

Синхрон: Махмуд Ахмадинежад, президент Ирана (говорит по-персидски):

«С теми вопросами, что вы отметили, я согласен. У нас есть хороший опыт и прошлая история коллективное сотрудничество наших стран. Мы являемся двумя друзьями, двумя соседями, которые должны сотрудничать и должны расширять это сотрудничество».

Президент России Владимир Путин в четверг встретился в Пекине на полях саммита ШОС с президентом Ирана Махмудом Ахмадинежадом.

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