Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Here we go again, within what, 48 hours (?) of mentioning there was a USD $2 Billion loss we suddenly find the banksters can't count (except when it comes to bonus time of course); whoops, we has an 'accident' and 'miscounted' and actually WE HAVE NO IDEA WHATSOEVER WHAT DERIVATIVES WE HOLD, WHAT LOSSES THEY HAVE ... and of course, meantime, middle street of America still thinks this bank is solvent; what a LAUGH!

Mr Denninger; smart chap and kindly enough to have recoded his excellent software (after a few days of humdinging emails flying between The White Rabbit and him hammering through the issues).  It now does let you acess the forum even at some point you ran a Tor relay/server/exit:  and thus no longer discriminates against those that have at some point (in past times) run a Tor server for testing or to help out the oppressed.  

Nice that.  Feared worldwide by anyone who bumped into him (to the point of infuriation at times).  When all said and done this guy is one of the good guys (and we reckon he's a bit prickly because he has to deal with far too many idiots poor guy).  You know you're on target by the time you've collected a club of haters of two I suppose! <g>  Hey Americans; listen up and learn some from this outstanding mind.  You know, one that is persuadable on the evidence, who follows LOGIC (not propaganda).  And whom displays a quality of integrity in the changing of a deeply held and argued position, once he has realised he was wrong (or had misunderstood a problem, as initially in this interaction with The White Rabbit!).

And so ...  Rarest qualities in true American's on display folks.  Also, this true gent is also a specialist in a type of financial analysis; u need to know more. ;)

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