Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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Occupy The Banks:  

Operation Hashtag = #OTB Search on this site!

Operation Hashtag  = #OTB & #OccupyTheBanks on Twitter 

Amazing Proof 100,000 page views a month!
100,000 Page Views - Our Milestone Of Carrot Recorded for all of Rabbitkind!!! (and  humans).
And so regulars, you're doing just AMAZING things on Twitter!!!  Hooray!!! :~) WINNING!

  1. Click https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23OTB
  2. Retweet the Operation #OTB (Anti-Bankster hashtagged posts in that timeline (& meet the team!!! ... HEROES ALL!
  3. Subscribe free for free anti-bankster Open-Source SOFTWARE; completely free!!
  4. Use our RSS stream!!

    Subscribe for yourself; or just add the BEST FREE FINANCIAL CONTENT ON THE PLANET ... all did we mention ...  TOTALLY FREE!!
  5. LINK IN; on any subject dear to your readers hearts as follows:


    Simply replace "Anonymous" in the example directly above with the issue of YOUR CHOICE.  e.g. If you have an Economics related site you might replace Anonymous with Economics, etc (did we really need say that if you run an economics site??)!! :/ lol
  6. http://www.occupythebanks.com/p/info-warrior-instructions.html Mor (paper.li/email/OUR TWEET SHEET (start-up info warrior! ;)/HTML for webmasters etc)
Any blogs, bloggers, etc; do please consider linking in to our homepage!  Because one things for sure, now we've got:


Resulting in


Leading to of course Iran (as the only place with free enough journalists to be not in fear of publishing we wonder ... in fear from the DARK CABAL?) ... 

Leading to everyone getting going together:


Which could result in jailing MANY banksters AND POLITICIANS worldwide, amongst possibly even potting some of the PRIZEST GAME IN TOWN; Romney!!  Nice for Ron Paul!  On things really for sure, not only do you need to regularly stay in touch with the DOX, the people, places and events that are ROCKING HUMANITY to the CORE!

Occupy Protests

Even you've gotta agree by now with over 100,000 page views in just the past 30 days ... It's gotta be!!


Why don't you add our hashtag Tweetstreams to your website(s);embed our Paper.li's or something like that - JOIN US - Let's take out the BANKSTERS once and FOR ALL!!

It's Time - Let's ROLL!

#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor - create digital vaults
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#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
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 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)
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