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"TheVoice May 11, 2012 6:39 AM

To all onlookers, Michael Herzog did get arrested. I have posted positive proof of my screenshots from the e-mails I had with the Berlin Germany Prosecutor's office, as well as Tom Heneghan's original intelligence report.

This essentially proves with no equivocation, that MIKE HERZOG was arrested and Heinz Bosche, Joseph Birch were also specifically arrested. And as you can see, GERMANY's office of prosecution would not have been so unwilling to elaborate providing details on the sensitivity of that case unless they were formally charged with crimes.

So folks, what does this ultimately mean? Just that Patrick Fitzgerald can't save you, it means forget jokers like that. He's out of the picture & very thoroughly blackmailed. It means the national media is an utter laughing disgrace, that they aren't screaming from the rooftops right now about Michael Herzog's arrest. Which Germany is not denying anymore. So the media won't do a bit of good will they? Do you get what this means? We have the iron evidence. Flood the press, and I do mean flood the press to start asking questions about Michael Herzog, Joseph Birch and Joe Ackermann.

These German Zionist bankers are treasonous scum, and you do understand they proudly wear the label? You do understand don't you, how serious this crime is? Why Ron Paul has won more delegates than the rest in both Nevada, Massachusetts AND Maine now? How many trillions of dollars they've stolen? How many lives they are prepared to end, and that indeed some of Drake's claims may be legitimate if the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols have anything to say of it?

1979, the only time Ronald Reagan left anything the world could thank him for later. Drake kept saying "The Plan" started in 1979, so why is it that in 1979..Reagan and Harry Truman officially endorsed the Leo Wanta's Reagan Mitterand Protocols?

Put two and two together. "The Plan" sounds like it was based off Ronald Reagan's Mitterand Protocols, and if it's still active since that date, it could in fact lead to Massive Arrests should it follow to its conclusion.
As I said, I'm a skeptic.

The only reason I would put any weight in Drake's claims at all, is I have seen some evidence behind it.

There seems to be merit to these claims, as on the International Court like he spoke, there is numerous legal notices on sovereignty now viewable. Sovereign&pg=2p1=0&p2=2

Add to these claims, the fact that Ronald Reagan endorsed his own set of Mitterand Protocols in 1979..and the story sounds somewhat plausible. I wish to god they would stop mixing in aliens, supernatural phenomenon or trash like ghosts at this point....all that does is turn people off of the message. Nevertheless, one can no longer say Drake hasn't been correct about anything. Solid proof has been established that he's been correct about 10 things.

It is time for the public to be realistic, for a change. NO one is going to save you, there is not going to be a moment like you soothsayers claim where everyone is "lifted" using meditation..or aliens wipe out the cabal.Reply

TheVoice May 11, 2012 6:41 AM

Magic floaty feelings don't make a bit of difference when paramilitary bullets are flying past your head. Rather, it's time to face into reality. This is going to be a long, tough & violent struggle. The United States has turned into a battlefield, and there will be many further deaths even if we choose to ignore them. Vets are committing suicide left and right. Gun sales are at record high, and the only "police" on the people's side is basically the non major city type. The type that doesn't belong to a metropolis sized city is who won't shoot at Americans. Which means all the inner city "big league" cops, will gladly shoot at Americans as paid actors. Their paid actor green-peace friends shoot back, spreading the illusion of race/cop riots nationwide.

And thus we have an epidemic. The only cure to avert utter catastrophe? Ron Paul's election & abolition of the whole central bank. Given his majority status of the delegates in Texas, Nevada, Maine & Massachusetts...that better be a sign from God. But even in a scenario where we do get him in, & put the Democrats on the chopping block.....REALIZE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FLAT DIE!!!

Very, very likely thousands of people are going to be eradicated in cold blood. The banking heads at Bank of America will be shot, hundreds of civilians will likewise, be shot or die. It was a hundred years ago when treason started, via the Democrats like Aldrich, Pembroke, Warburg & Rockefeller: Yet we always hear it's both parties. But what they never tell you is right there, is where the Democrats started taking over every party including Republicans & align everyone to FDR's manic communism. From there came all the Bush, Strauss, Englewood, Ackermann trash you can shake a stick at which means the Democrats brought this treason in here & rotted out GOP & the WHIGs to bring about their demise.

Basically that means, all of HW Bush's body guards are going to be shot dead. All of Schumer's and Warburg's bodyguards are going to be shot. Ten times or more, give or take. HW Bush, Schumer & Pelosi themselves will be castigated & strung up: likely hung in time square for what they've done. On the end of a leather-clad rope. If they somehow survive, doctors will do pet projects on them some where miles & miles away until they dissipate. Meanwhile, FEMA camps is the last thing anyone should be concerned with. Why not just face reality. FEMA camps are going to explode with bombs, there's likely going to be hundreds of personnel strung up & shot dead. On top of that, there is going to be several thousand and we're talking more like ten thousand civilians at least; full of bullet holes & shot dead. Many of the others might survive depending on how good they are at foraging in groups. Companions who stay closest to militias are much, much better off. Thousands of inner city cops will be shot dead by militias & sheriffs.

And this is our future? This is the "incredible" vision that people like David Wilcock keep dreaming? Thousands of deaths across America? No, likely not. However it is a realistic future. Let me remind you, once the Fed's chiefs are either dead/incarcerated, Israel & the fascists will start rolling out tanks on U.S soil. Does any of this sound like a fun thing? I'm talking the real, hulking, titanium steel tanks from the IDF & British Army. Are they truly a friend at all? Double hell no, the reason for America's near demise was nations like Israel & Egypt. We will be locked in a war with them. God hope those settlements come soon."

Source: (as above but for reference):

The White Rabbit told you all not to doubt the powers of the Interwebz ... ;~)

Not please folks ... take down ROMNEY THE ROBBER; elect RON PAUL, and let's NOT have a revolution, let's have an EMANCIPATION FROM GEOBANKSTERISM by psycho-sexual deviants that cannot even pull up their own pants after they've taken it up the ass from Rothschild for their fake trillions.

It's Time - Let's Roll! ;~)


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  2. I'm sorry but I've clicked on all your links and those screens shots absolutely do not prove anything. They show us that you sent an email to the Berlin police and that their reply was "we can't tell you anything." I've been searching for reports from outside of the loops you all post regarding Michael Herzog, or the others, and cannot find proof of his arrest or detainment. I really want to believe that we are moving forward with disclosure, but there has to be evidence outside of the closed circles of, OTB, et all.

    For this to be accepted by the general public it has to look less like an infomercial for Ron Paul and more like real investigative journalism.

    1. It's a shame that you traffic this website, yet want the MSM to cover this ... It seems like you don't get what is going on at all (which is a shame, as you at least seem to be trying, which is a lot more than most).

      Some cannot state more than they have, for perfectly legal reasons. The White Hats (do note, not this site), are the investigation team; we have a strategic overview answering "Who Are The White Hats" on #OTB ... You may wish a spectacular news story; #OTB seeks to assist The White Hats to prove a CRIMINAL legal CASE against the conspirators. Criminal cases require EVIDENCE, which has NOT been released to the public (before trial) such as to NOT PREJUDICE the criminal trial by e.g. making it impossible to find a jury able to try the case that is not already prejudiced.

      There are many other reasons I could go into, and even more I could not as to why you will (or may) not see what you wish until some time later, but real enough these issues are, and in the view of The White Rabbit ... People criticizing should be picking up the phone, rather than expecting The White Rabbit! to do everything for Humanity.

      So far we have ZERO; absolutely ZERO assistance from inside the USA; so much for the land of the brave; pathetic.

      Of course, we have up in the UK (when the Dark Cabal allow it to be accessed) ...

      There are other matters afoot which I cannot even hint at right now for my own safety ....

      The White Rabbit!


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