Wednesday, 2 May 2012


And so we have our first LEGAL HERO BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON GOVERNMENT CHEMTRAIL PROGRAMMES; 150 CHEMTRAIL PROGRAMMES CONFIRMED WORLDWIDE.   CONFIRMED - WHOLE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES IS BEING SPRAYED WITH CHEMICALS AND BIOLOGICAL AGENTS - INCLUDING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS.  You did realise The White Rabbit tried to prepare you as best as we could for this video.  Nevertheless, it's still a shock, even to lawyers outside the UK (see comment).


Noticeable that no one in the room - lawyers one assumes - have any idea any of this is going on.  How can that be?  (The White Rabbit ... better shut up at this point) ...

Think this is just about the North America; you haven't seen our CHEMTRAIL BRIEFINGS, along with our other subject/issue briefing then (nor, miight we add the evidence THIS BLOGS UK READERS COLLECTED CONFIRMING NATIONWIDE SPRAYING IN THE UK ....  Not a regular; maybe working out? .... U need ...

The White Rabbit! :~)


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  1. Are there no pilots out there who dare to give us their point of view as to why they are killing us? Do you not realise that once you have released this stuff, you cannot hide from it and neither can your family and friends. Don't just do as your told. Research and THINK!!!

    1. Most "Chemtrail" Tankers KC-135/137 do not have Pilots but fly on MITRE Software,Civilian Pilots are told that they are taking part in a Secret Initiative to safe the World from a (non-existant) Climate Disaster,need more info contact me on

  2. I've been watching the results of the chemicals being sprayed overhead for months. The trails used to be orderly and would fan out to provide a thin almost imperceptible layer, now they are haphazard and clumpy. They sky looks like a kindergartener finger painted with their non-dominant hand. I think the pilots are becoming disenchanted with their assignment. I hope their bosses are paying attention because the pilots have begun doing very shoddy work. Maybe they need more supervision and quality control.

  3. I have seen the pictures at the Denver International airport. I have been witnessing chemtrails for quite some time and researching them as well. In my opinion, I think it is a kill three birds with one stone kinda thing. Weather control, to poison us, and poison the soil so only Monsanto seeds can grow. What a disappointing destruction to the Earth by t
    hese Retarded people. Just a thought...

    1. actually Operation Cloverleaf is 4 Projects in 1 ,Geo-Engineering & HAARP Support , RF/MP-VTRPE (Nano-Tech for Navy's 3D Battle Mapping System), UPCP-Unconventional Pathogen Counter-Measure Program and this


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