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Sunday, 29 April 2012


"TheVoice Apr 29, 2012 12:42 AM

Tom Heneghan, who has been a trusted authority for many of us for years; is reporting that Germany arrested Michael Herzog as well as multiple officials including Joseph Birch who are criminal associates of Kaballist Bush, Romney & Bernanke. These people are Zionists, Zionazi german trash and basically who runs the country. They all belong to the Federal Reserve, that's why they seem untouchable. Look, let me make it straight. You have to freeze all their $ from the Synagogue asylum, then arrest them. Under common jails, these punks can be held for years and do hard time once they're out from under their fiat protection...and that's a fact. 

I hadn't considered that this was taking place so rapidly and was really happening, until I realized Drake is on the inside and communicating with Heneghan or at least their associates. The fact is, this is all occurring due to the Wanta Mitterand Protocols and Global Settlements - So now Drake's whole story actually sounds 100% accurate.

Look it up folks, Tom Heneghan never lies. He speaks with police around the world. They actually arrested these bastards and our media, CNN, CBS, Fox News etc. doesn't even report it! I think its about time to make mincemeat of the Federal Reserve, Bush, Bernanke and their overseer Jay Rockefeller.  ... (continues) ..."



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