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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

#OWS Spring Training 2012 #NYC #Occupy #OTB RT

We're going to reserve judgement on this 'training' ... but would would like to know if any organisations funded it ...  If you know the answer to that, let us know via a comment.

Of course, here at Operation Occupy The Banks, we believe installing software on YOUR computers is the only thing that's going to end the bankster reign of planet earth.  Sit on a side-walk 'raising awareness' if you want; be a target for police violence if you want!

If you do own a computer, any computer; no matter how old though, it's time to get it dusted down and cleaned out:  we hope to have INSTALLERS for WINDOWS & UNIX AVAILABLE VERY, VERY SOON!  Have you seen the demonstration of this amazing cryptographic currency issuance and MARKETS software.  If you're a lawyer, an accountant, an exec, or an entrepreneur; you need to get that watched right away. ;)  



#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor - create digital vaults
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#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
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