Friday, 6 April 2012

#OpBLACKHEATH Dare U See Reality? #OTB Follow @Spunzy @McEeles RT

And so, as promised, for those that just 'cannot believe it', herewith a slice of evidential proof. Kindly read and understand what you are looking at.

If you are totally new to all this unlike our regular blog readers, who are some of the most up to speed people on the planet (we started publishing on this LAST YEAR ;), understanding so much more than so many ... You might want to come back; we publish 24/7/365!

We already have much more information on this site; click some of the top navigation links for posts by subject or use the search box; e.g. try White Hats but very importantly now with the above document on site, we have also instigated globally the introduction of a Operation Blackheath Hashtag #OpBLACKHEATH  Use it or follow it (via using the search function on e.g. try now Google or Twitter).  The website set up solely to cover this one issue: 

Follow one of the two webmasters/owners of the above #OpBLACKHEATH website by following FIRST BRITISH HERO @McEeles GET YOUR PETITION SORTED where ever you are!  Force your elected officials to GET THIS ISSUE BANGED UP THE CHAIN OF POLITICS and sorted OUT!!  Get any online petitions to that site's owner; where they will be collated in all languages; we want this going WORLDWIDE,  not just into the USA and UK where HEROES have already become UPSTANDING and are putting in a OUTSTANDING performance on no budget (and in the case of the above site owner, hardly any internet access even - someone out there; sort that out for him if you can somehow - a pretty please request from The White Rabbit!).  

But more importantly than anything, PLEASE where ever your occupy is ... local council, residents associations, TAXPAYERS, national parliaments, what ever committees, companies, boards, or floors with the rest of the mums you sit on; start TALKING TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT this 15 TRILLIONFRAUD.CO.UK - unless you want to be a slave for the rest of your life; plugged into the Matrix!!

The White Rabbit ... just like to say to our regulars: HUGE THANKS for the many compliments in over the past few days via Twitter!  If we missed thanking you for sending yours we do apologise, and do that now - THANX -Rabbit likes a stroke from humans every once in a while, as you most probably already know! :) But as you'll appreciate even more, if you're following the tips we give out via that account, not as much as we like CARROTS!  As our regular readers have been aware for some time, the source documentation on this is available from this website:

If you found the information on just this one (out of now over 1000 pages published here over the past just under six months now) you really going to have a fright when you click here


#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor - create digital vaults
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#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
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 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)
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