Tuesday, 24 April 2012

#ENGLAND Cromer Chemtrails #NORFOLK UK #OTB

We have a section of briefings on Chemtrails (and many others subjects now) down the right hand side or along the bottom of any page so don't cover old ground.  This video comes from an online friend of The White Rabbit, a kindly and fearless seeker of truth, and a committed Christian.  We cannot believe we hadn't thought before now to go hunt for a youtube channel, but - just in.  For regular readers posting this video makes perfect sense in the 'story' on this site of Chemtrails; for the new arrivals, where have you been all this time?! <g>

"Uploaded by martinphume on 22 Feb 2012

Geo-engineering & Chemtrails over Cromer North Norfolk U.K. 21st. Feb. 2012."


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