Thursday, 5 April 2012

DOCUMENTARY Financing Hitler #HIstory #Finance

Many readers (from some of the feedback in) are now starting to wake up in a really impressive way!  Well done.  You're really starting to understand some of the really seriusly major issues of today.  But the problem will now be for many that the context of how we got here will be missing.  It's like everyone by now realises humanity is on a runaway train, but only a few understand where the train set off from, and where the track ends.  

This very short documentary - only 45 minutes - will give you some insight which we can build on over the days and weeks ahead.  Because if you don't yet understand the relationship between 'international finance' ( or as we like to rather humorously call it sometime  GEOBANKSTERISM <g>!) and WAR, EUGENICS, SLAVE LABOUR CAMPS and TECHNOLOGY, than this video might just be VERY SHOCKING to people, especially people in the UK and USA.

Of course, the current rogue agency named by Lord Blackheath; well ... it would just happen to be the father of the Capo di Capo of that Global Crime Group, whose father was CONVICTED of such crimes; but here, now, details.  Because if you don't understand the details of how the world blew itself up murdering MILLIONS OF HUMANS along the way, well, as they say ... Those that do not know history, are DOOMED to repeat it.  Over to the best short introductory video we know of on this subject of UK & USA NAZI financiers!

BANKING WITH HITLER - Full Length Documentary!


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