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WHO ARE THE WHITE HATS? The White Hats Answer!

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"Our beginnings could read like a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.

We selected with care a controlled-access, self-contained safe house in Fulham, Greater London, not overlooked but with a viable backdoor escape route to an unseen inter connecting alleyway in case of emergencies, and with a full visual overview of the wide scanning approach road to monitor any parked observers or perceived threat risks. Our emergency escape vehicle was permanently parked up on the connecting alleyway for a fast exit. The house’s sun blinds allowed us full vision of external areas, but blocked out vision of the interior from prying eyes. To even the most trained observer, it was a quiet, low-profile, unassuming neighborhood. It was the perfect location for a safe house.

The call went out and from the head count, the purpose and need for an immediate “sit down” was well received. The gathering included old soldiers, both civilian and military, always in the background, always keeping the balance and from all over the world. The subject matter was of concern to every person in the room. The meeting could not be further avoided as the image of the future was becoming clear. Enough was enough.

Most of us had been trained under former Administrations and Regimes and were becoming disillusioned and disgusted with what we were witnessing. Every member of the group came with an impressive background, a broad base of knowledge, vast years of experience and most importantly, intelligence networks.

We all take oaths. Our first oath started with the secret words to gain access to the neighborhood tree fort and graduated to a Code of Honor … a Code of Honor that, to this day, we gladly live and die for. One of the Codes we have internalized is called Democracy, the same code our Forefathers lost much for, but gave a new world hope from Tyranny, which created the greatest, most gracious country in the world. That Country has slowly been under attack from the inside and it cannot be allowed to happen, not on our watch, not if we have anything to say about it. Something had been growing for years, like a cancer you can inherently feel but you cannot see. Those of us who served the elite did not notice the deterioration as quickly as the others, but on this day we were all on the same page. We all knew a death was about to occur. It was not a sanctioned contract kill... this was far, far different. This was more sinister. It was a move by an extremely small group of former and current elected leaders, special groups and the “elite” attempting to subvert the checks and balances established and enumerated clearly by our Constitution.

How could that be? It would make the former “good guys”, the utmost of satanic villains, the real turncoats against democracy and life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. What methods would we employ to expose the darkness that we unknowingly helped create through our faithful and dedicated service to our respective countries?

On that day we would sign an Oath.

It was an oath that put us in line with our destiny.

It was an oath that would hopefully save the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.

It was an oath that would protect the very core of every country in the world, especially those that were the last bastions of freedom on earth.

Out of the backdrop of darkness, we took this Oath to expose the cancer of our former bosses and the elite. We all prayed to our respective God. And on that day, the White Hats were born.

May we live to see this through to the end. ... (continues) ..."

Source: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/february-20-2012-white-hats-report-36.html

The White Rabbit comments; to the best of our knowledge, information and belief  http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.co.uk is THE source of The White Hats information you are reading all around the web (if you're reading the right websites that is!).  


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