Friday, 23 March 2012

#USA Illuminati, Conspiracy Theory & Coming Together

We publish because we agree with many of the sentiments in this video.  We also vehemently disagree with some of the sentiments expressed in this video.  We do wonder if by now our regular site viewers would know which are which?! lol  Will you know?

Our sister website (follow @censorednewsnow on twitter) conducted one of the few (or perhaps the only?) interview with Luke Rudkowski when he was travelling for the first time to Europe catching up with him at Cambridge University, England on  18th June 2011.  We captured one of the few more personal interviews with Luke himself, about who he is, his plans for the future, and one of the main reasons this guy became relevant in city politics in NYC.

CENSOREDNEWSNOW interviews - Luke Rudkowski - We Are Change

"Uploaded by on Jul 8, 2011

** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** Cambridge University Interview

One of the youngest and bravest people we know in the world of 'new media' Luke Rudowski is known to few, so well, and to so many, not at all, as perhaps one of the most CENSORED film-makers, from the USA (though)!

In this interview we try to change that some, by giving you an insight more into the man and the background to where he finds himself today - where he wants to be going, tomorrow, and over the longer-term future, too. :)

We didn't know half as much about Luke'a background as we thought, so in this rare sneak-peek into Luke Rudowski, enjoy finding out stuff you simply didn't know!

Before watching (or after, again!), you may well wish to watch one of Luke's most recent shorts 'Just Keep Going, You've Got Nothing To Lose' - the film we discuss with Luke, which we thought shows him coming together most as an individual grasping at the deeper questions in life more seriously for the first time than most, and most beautifully, emotionally and artfully, to have captured humanity itself grasping for those answers ... just everywhere.

We are one. :)

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Stay cool under the lights of the NWO . :)


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