Wednesday, 21 March 2012


IMPORTANT:  We have had contact from our Japanese Twitter followers thanking us for covering this issue with honesty.  They are NOT getting the truth in Japan.  Please, even if you do NOT have Japanese followers, TWEET THIS PAGE ANYWAY.  Let's get this intel out into Japan, anyway we can, even if that be via very circuitous routes.

If you don't think the below video contains highly significant intel, and you're in 'too much of a hurry' to watch a video that could save your life, before you run away, check out just this ONE screenshot, of ONE screen, from hundreds in this video, containing TRUTH:

Forty thousand TRILLION becquerel of radiation released - Japan admits TWICE as much released as originally admitted (and to be clear, they have already DOUBLED their estimate, once before {do you see the pattern, folks?}), and that it took only 18 days to circle the globe. If you haven't seen our RADIATION RAIN video (taken in Toronto, Canada) you NEED to see it.  This is no joke people; as ever, the governments lie, and the people die.  

Tokyo was almost abandoned, and our view, anyone living there, should leave (see just ONE screenshot taken from this incredible TRUTH broadcast (on RT, again, NOT CNN, ABC, and all the other LYING SCUM that would see you dead before they report truth.  It's so utterly clear that the government of Japan, is lying, lying, lying; every day, in every way.


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