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Sorry we're a bit late with this and have had to drop the info flow for a day or two (back fully up to speed by Friday 5pm no problems) ... as we've hit a few problems with some software we're installing and getting up to speed on.  We're having to publish just the crème of the significant international financial news.  And with the raids in Naples, the naming of Naples and Milan as centres of illegal US Navy & Military Industrial Complex child-prostitution, homosexuality and rampant international illegal arms dealing via various UGERMAN, ITALIAN and ISRAELI AGENCIES ... and the disappearance of JP Morgan's first anonymous Whistleblower Intel OFF THE SUPPOSED REGULATORS website ...  plus perhaps the murder of the UK's only known White Hat HERO - Lord Blackheath ... 15 Trillion laundered and NOT TWO WORDS ABOUT ANY OF THIS ON THE DAILY TELEGRAPH's ENTIRE WEBSITE (jnot one article with the world "Lord Blackheath" even MENTIONED, ladies and gentlemen are you waking up a little? ... And all of this around the same time as those raids, well ... Now this!!!  

By Philip Pullella and Lisa Jucca

VATICAN CITY/MILAN, March 19 (Reuters) - JP Morgan Chase is closing the Vatican bank's account with an Italian branch of the U.S. banking giant because of concerns about a lack of transparency at the Holy See's financial institution, Italian newspapers reported.

The move is a blow to the Vatican's drive to have its bank included in Europe's "white list" of states that comply with international standards against tax fraud and money-laundering.

The bank, formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), ... (continues) ..."


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