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"A new Occupy Camp in London - "Occupy Limehouse"
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At last nights Meet Occupy Mumble 'Round Table' meeting, we were advised that there's a new Occupy Camp in Limehouse, London. Here's a snapshot of information, provided via emails on Occupy Londons groupspaces:

"Here's some bullet points for now..

  • Yes there is a new camp next door to limehouse station (on the corner of branch rd and horseferry road).
  • Its In the borough of tower hamlets which is one of the poorest boroughs in London but receiving the highest cuts.
  • Location is own by the homes and communities agency (which means community right to reclaim applies) and sits beside a busy bike path (lots of people are stopping to talk. some happy, some not)
  • Purpose - 1) protest against the cuts etc. 2) engage with the 99% 3) help with FSQ's over population issue.
  • 15 - 20 minute walk to the whitechapel end of bricklane.
  • general consensus seems to b that the site should only b open to occupiers who are part of a working group (now free loaders).
  • Free Tai Chi classes at 2pm from next sunday
  • Gardening and planting this weekend (Occupy Free Food/ Occupy Abundance).
  • a community center next door say they could be interested in some kind of partnership (for now we are welcome to use their loo)
  • Its green and quite but frequented by members of the public and has a hill (will be good for live music events, open mic, arts etc)
  • I'm told police have been down and were ok apparently. one said "welcome to limehouse", another warned not to mess with the building next to the site.
  • Local demographics; most of the immediate residents are mostly city workers types i'd say, lots of bicycles passing people taking walks and a few tourists.
  • It still has a way to go and who knows if it will work or not but we are looking towards an event this sunday (maybe saturday).
  • Is it "occupy london", occupy limehouse.. Is it something else.. I don't know time will tell.

Everything is okay - we are the 99% - feel free to join us for tea when we get some water. x "

The following url links you to the approximate location on google maps, info also posted on groupspaces so I can't confirm/validate it: http://bit.ly/GBtOXj (Postcode is E1W 3HB if you're not a google fan !x!)

Unfortunately, I can't answer any further questions as the only info we have is from groupspaces (i.e. as above ^^^) but I'm sure more info will be announced in time. If you have info, please feel free to add it to the comments here :O)

Much Love to all and wishing Occupy Limehouse the very best :O)

Pins xxx <3

http://groupspaces.com/OccupyLondon/join/ "

The above is all the information we have at present.  If you have any further information, feel free to post it via a comment (form directly below).

Source:  http://www.occupii.org


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  1. I can't post on the link above. Hope this gets to people.

    I live in Limehouse, hope to come down and visit should you be open to non working group members. The area you are in is just in the rich bit, walk 2 minutes to the Comnercial Rd and it's a solidly working class area with a big Syleti community. I live in the Estate just North of the Commercial Rd.

    Have you linked up with the squat on White Horse Rd, don't know how political it is though.

    Hope to see you soon,



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