Tuesday, 20 March 2012

#CHEMTRAILS Deadly Spraying Admissions UK #OTB

And so now we publish somewhat of a focused chemtrails summary (focused on the UK as this is the first really good country specific summary that has come our way).  Just 6 minutes long after our now almost 5 hours of just the world's best explanations on this subject - a subject finally going mainstream under various (correctly various) different guises:  geoengineering or geo-engineering; chemical trails a.k.a. chemtrails or chem-trails; Agenda 21.  Fact is, until this darkest of subjects is brought into the light, goodness knows what's really going on. (cont)

The White Rabbit says; understanding the basic issue clearly on this controversial subject is most helpful and that issue in two words: air quality. You see, the easiest way to control (or genetically engineer, or murder, a populace is from the air (or space). Check your countries law; ask questions now!  Why does your law NOT BAN *your* country from spraying it's own population?  Because The White Rabbit's research showed that this is how it's been done: essentially each military block agreed not to spray over THE OTHERS block(s) ... there's nothing ILLEGAL right now (specifically, e.g. on Statute books) ... about e.g. NATO spraying NATO countries, nor RUSSIA SPRAYING RUSSIANS, CHINESE spraying CHINESE, Japanese spraying JAPANESE .. and on, and on and on! 

So we have only one politician to our knowledge to have taken this subject most seriously the moment it was brought to his attention, and his Bill was NOT supported by TPTB - GOP *or* DEMOCRAT ... Ron Paul; go look it up - the only candidate with ANY track record on this subject; and of course, Ron Paul wanted laws brought in to ensure any such activity was ILLEGAL *and* a CRIME!  But this is a GLOBAL issue; by definition, like acid rain.  If Belgium sprays Belgians, the Dutch and the French etc, are ALL AT RISK!  99%  demand news criminal laws where you are to make this COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!


"Uploaded by mish6874 on 19 Jul 2007

U.k. government has admitted to spraying British public with deadly toxins.
Link to Guardian article
politics DOT guardian DOT co DOT uk/news/story/0,9174,688098,00 DOT html "

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