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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


We're big fans of both silver (and gold); i.e. real money (rather than fake fiat money!) ... And of this youtube channel owner, that we featured on this blog when he was coming under direct attack from Bank of America CRIMINAL SCUM, some number of months ago.  

We would encourage you to review that video just so you know what SCUM these people are that would take your bailout funds, call YOU the scrounger, and spend their days, on pay you're paying, insulting, abusing, and harassing law-abiding Americans simply attempting to trade the silver market - now proven fraudulent in the DISAPPEARED CFTC JP Morgan Whistleblowers open letter (which of course, Operation Occupy The Banks grabbed off the CTFC website and has archived on this website, so that you, HONEST Americans, can see just how corrupt your 'regulator' has now become.

PS Think you're too broke to hold precious metals? Never realised why you're broke? Don't you think it's time you started earning REAL GOLD ONLINEREAL SILVER ONLINEREAL PLATINUM AND REAL PALLADIUM ONLINE, even if you do not want to move ALL your FAKE FRAUD FED FIAT DOLLARS, YEN, EUROS, POUNDS, etc, into your PERSONAL FREE OFFSHORE PRECIOUS METALS HOLDING right now ... You know; when it COSTS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO OPEN (even if 'just in case') yet you can STORE SIX MAJOR CURRENCIES and ALL FOUR precious metals *and* SWAP BETWEEN THEM real-time 24/7/365; you just know THIS IS THE FREE OFFSHORE METALS ACCOUNT FOR YOU!


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