Thursday, 1 March 2012

#ANONYMOUS Message 2 Villa Park High Students!

And so it seems the war of the firewalls, has started!!  Get this page seen by your friends, where ever you are ... or don't you VALUE being able to FIND INFORMATION ONLINE, don't you think it's essential to your education ... Or would you prefer the mind control of 'Government Approved' stamps appearing on all the websites you're ALLOWED to see?  Use the tweet buttons (to the right of every video and also appearing underneath each video); get the word out; SCHOOL KIDS JUST WANT UNRESTRICTED ACCESS.  Simple!


#OTB - Open-Transactions   
EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PT
#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor  
EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PL


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