Sunday, 26 February 2012

CENSORED Who Should Occupy Vote For in 2012?

The mainstream media is in full - much more open than usual - 'fake it' election mode (see our coverage on how the election is being stolen - more blatantly than ever before simply IGNORING Ron Paul and FAKING results, and NOT MENTIONING PAUL in post debate discussions (whist beating in the names they want you to vote for OVER and OVER again).  People, let's call this what it is ... BRAINWASHING ... especially to that large percentage of Americans now also deluded by American pharmocratic-democracy that they are 'mentally ill' and NEED a whole bunch of PSYCHO-ACTIVE chemicals to LIVE through each day!

People, the ONLY way you should judge the CHARACTER of ANY POLITICIAN is by EXAMINING THE VOTING RECORDS.  Speech is CHEAP.  ;)  No matter how addled or worse, damaged by the pills of the 1% VOTING RECORDS DON'T (yet) LIE!



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  1. Sorry I can't get behind a war on women,an end to civil rights,and no marriage equality. Sorry, Legal weed is just not worth that price. Anyone involved in this movement who supports a Republican is either very misinformed or stupid.

  2. I support the 99%, the Occupy Movement with everything in me; would NEVER vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul supports the 1% and could care less about the 99%. He just stated that there should be no federal support for the tornado victims in IN, KY, and OH. He supports the philosophy of Ayn Rand and is basically an asshole.

    He is racist, homophobic, doesn't support a woman's right to choose, and is pulling the wool over the eyes of many who support legalization of marijuana. Paul is for states' rights and would never push federal law to legalize it.


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