Sunday, 29 January 2012

#UK Looted By #Cameron - The Disabled Strike Back!

This video shows the horror of Britain in 2012.  The disabled in need of chaining themselves to each other and the street railings in protest; unheard, forgotten, UNWANTED in Looter Cameron's Bankster Britain.  Where trillions can be found to bail out failure, but NOTHING BUT CUTS can be given to those, who THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, find themselves disabled, for life!  It can happen to any of us; a slip, a fall, a thug in the street.  Now, with the Compassionate and Caring CONservatives; you're looking at the street SCUMBAG SCROUNGERS ...  As we were saying, welcome to the BIG SOCIETY of Looter Cameron.

Here is a list of almost all UK Members of Parliament.  

Please use it to express your outrage that bilions can be found for banksters and yet, 199 GENUINE claimants are set to lose their benefits, to ensure 1 fraudulent claim does not go through.  The horror of Britain in 2012; dominated and controlled by the banksters, who wish to see the wheelchaired in the gutter, so they don't need a visit to the barbers.

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