Friday, 20 January 2012

#UK #ChloeSmithMP #Banksters IDIOT (or complicit)?

And so here the fun begins in earnest with this short recording of a meeting between British Member of Parliament Chloe Smith MP and one of her constituents - a highly informed member of the peaceful  UK Organisation Lawful Rebellion - an organisation committed to change in the UK, solely through peaceful, legal, democratic means.  To those with enough background in understanding fiscal issues, the hilarity of this short video at highlighting just how Parliament is controlled by the banksters needs no explanation.  To those who are unable to discern why this video is simply hilarious listen for the hooter in the video itself:  it's a hint folks; for the Bank of England does EXACTLY what this 'Leader' say they cannot 'presumably' do, and of course, CLAMS UP COMPLETELY the moment the questioner goes to the heart of the matter; WHICH PERSON CONTROLS THE UK ... Watch it and weep. :(

Catch the same guy accidentally interviewing Rothschild no less!

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