Monday, 30 January 2012

#SYRIA Sodomized, Abused & Tortured - ASSAD

Welcome to the new world order; torture - of course, now we must state, American style.  For those that find that relation offensive, do you even know A NUMBER OF PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN US CUSTODY DURING TORTURE, also?  As we were saying, welcome to scenes soon to be seen around America, and the world, now American lawyers think torture is legal.

It seems if you missed it, that this video has already been removed ...  We have just managed to grab a screen shot of the first frame of the video, and now describe it, it having been CENSORED off the net, so that Americans cannot see what there government gets up to; cannot actually ever see a victim of torture - how they are during and just after a serious torture session ...  So we have an image spirited out of Syria; it show(ed)s a man, GASPING IN HIS LAST FEW BREATHS, a complete mess of blood and guts .., And the description reveals that this person had not only been tortured in the usual ways, but also sexually anally raped (sodomized), and further (unspecified) sexual abuse.  Most probably again, genetalia cut with a razor blade, like the American's like to deliver their 'prisoners' (with no rights) to places like Morocco for such treatment.  Of course, now, through the mindless inattention of Americans worldwide that thought that these policies were a 'good thing', you can expect scenes like this in your local neighbourhood America .... Just give it a year or two or so, once NDAA passes.

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