Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#AFRICA Occupy South Africa Started + #Anonymous #OTB

As ever check back on site for updates!  

For this is one we'll certainly be keeping in touch with along with having been instrumental in alerting the world to the OccupyNIGERIA fuel subsidy protests!¬.  Africa GO GO GO - get those corrupt tyrants in jail, and seize your futures back too!

UPDATE 1 - Backgrounder

UPDATE 2 - Melange of Footage of Protest So Far!

"Contains footage from Occupy Johannesburg, Occupy Cape Town, Occupy Durban, Occupy Grahamstown, Occupy East London as well as footage from the occupation of Tafelsig and the protests in Ficksburg, Beyers Naude and Khayelitsha. All material is from the 2011 people's awakening

Thanks to Timothy Gabb for the Grahamstown pictures.
Thanks to Sarah Dawson for the Durban Pictures." source

UPDATE 3 Anonymous Video

A Message To the South African People ...

UPDATE 4 How It All Began - OccupyJSE

Africans should take heart.  Did you know that the Occupy Wall Street first ever meeting had just SEVEN people at it?  YOU CAN TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE RAMPANT CORRUPT CRIMINAL CLASS!  Seems like to us, you had MANY more than seven heroes at  your first meeting - well done; TIME TO GET SERIOUSLY ORGANISED!

UPDATE 5 Now with Added OccupyGLOBES!

Start spreading the word to the world about Occupy South Africa using our nifty info graphic - meet up with your new friends inside AND outside of South Africa!!

Let's Roll!  Let's OccupyTogether! ;)



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