Saturday, 14 January 2012


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FREE SOFTWARE to digitize and thus de-materialise, and encrypt and send your wealth anywhere on the planet is already in existence!  Occupy The Banks is fast becoming  the LEARNING REPOSITORY for we hope organisation(s) of cryptographers, coders and HOME AND BUSINESS COMPUTER USERS WORLDWIDE to SUCCEED in getting these SOLUTIONS to the historic problem installed NOW!  

We seek ONE MILLION HEROES TO GET NEW SYSTEMS UP AND RUNNING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!  Be a hero today; join us!  Start learning about a different future from historical fact - come build it with us; an entirely new infrastructure of business and personal computers running an entirely VOLUNTARY new wealth system of HONEST, MATHEMATICALLY GUARANTEED (rather than mathematically guaranteed to fail!), cryptographically proven lawful transactions issued by parties located globally!
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Our goal is to have over 1,000,000 people subscribed to OCCUPYTHEBANKS to 'Occupy The Banks'!  Let's turn our computers into our new banks!  Now that's truly revolutionary! Serious Rabbit ;) 
Keep checking back every few hours; we update this website multiple times a day or subscribe for only the best of the best stuff via email or RSS here!  Our new new money meme #OTB is growing globally exponentially explosively:   #OTB - your future now! 
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#OTB #OTB #OTB - Free Online Tutorial - Open-Transactions    EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PT
#OTB #OTB #OTB - Free Online Tutorial - Public Key Transaction Processor   EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PL

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