Tuesday, 6 December 2011

OLSX: Kettling Undercover Metropolitan Police Infiltrators of Peaceful UK Occupy Protest Movement

For those unaware of the outrageous conduct of UK undercover police officers (which has included sleeping with those they are paid on public purse to  monitor), this clip might come as some surprise.  Fact is, people in Britain are SICK AND TIRED of being labelled anti-capitalist, when they are anything but in favour of CAPITALISM, and totally against CORRUPT, BANKSTER OCCUPIED POLITICAL PROCESSES ALL ACROSS EUROPE.  We make a prediction.  If the politicians don't get their shit together soon in Britain, it's not just going to be the underclass that riots.  The UK police need to decide who they serve, and start running undercover operations against the REAL CRIMINALS, the BANKSTERS.  We mean, it's hardly hard to pick up a criminal in the City, but none of them are where the Metropolitan Police (rather conveniently) are looking; which is exclusively at those in the 99% who are SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT.  Go arrest a real crook boys; you'd earn a lot more respect from the British public if you had the balls to arrest just ONE of these criminal fuckers that is ruining Britain.

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