Thursday, 15 December 2011


So here we have the truth about MF Global (for people who hadn't worked it out already).  Mafia Finance Gold - Don Corzine; move the money, or dies.  American finance, the finest! ;) LOL  The sad truth is that what this tradi-comedy shows, is that WE ARE WINNING!  Now the Mafia Don's that run American finance are starting to THREATEN EACH OTHER.  Perfect, at this rate - the elite are going to do the work of murdering each other!

For those who have no idea who the person mentioned as the Auther of "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman" is - well you're not understanding much at all about the last 60 years.  Please DO get up to speed on the incredibly important information in that book.  By the time you have finished it, you will understand why the American Mafia government has no support left, ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET.  The world LOVE AND SUPPORT AMERICAN; we hate and DO NOT support you mafia government.  After NDAA, perhaps we'll even no longer be called 'conspiracy theorists' for pointing out the USA is now NAZI.

Refer your friends - that's how we grow! :)
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