Friday, 9 December 2011


If you want to understand the 2000 & 2004 Bankster USA Election Rascism, Huckesterism, Hacktivism, and outright THEFT of MILLIONS of BLACK AMERICANS votes, you need to understand what USA POLITICS is really all about - control over the ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS from the world's largest BLACK market; we call it a black market for a number of reasons - it's CONNECTIONS TO OIL, it's CONNECTIONS TO REPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE IN THE USA VIA PRISON POLICY, to the INVASION AND INCREASED DRUG PRODUCTION in AFGHANISTAN, and perhaps more than any other thing, it's connected at every level, to the work of the CIA (and thus their counterparts worldwide).  Money talks. ;)

If you really think you can handle it, just go take a peek into how the FORBES family (a.k.a. KERRY - hint, hint ;)) made their FORTUNE in DEALING HEROIN'S PRECURSOR (along with HM Queen let us not forget!) from AFGHAN & INDIAN OPIATES ... which caused a WAR with CHINA .... Which guess who would be in charge of right now ... or might just be in time ...  No time to research it dear friends - but my guess is take a HINT and LOOK INTO THE FUNDING OF ALL THE USA PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES BACKED BY FORBES FAMILY FORTUNE AND YOU'VE FOUND THE CONTENDER TO SEIZE BACK FROM THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY THIS MOST LUCRATIVE OF TRADES (up tenfold or so ;)).

Got ball haven't we. ;)  Go on - you know you want to ...

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