Tuesday, 13 December 2011

FLASH: GOLD - Faber States Totally Obvious! LOL

Sometimes a bit of very recent history can be very enlightening when it comes to teaching Occupiers who actually UNDERSTANDS ECONOMICS ... and thus can accurately PREDICT market movements - especially MASSIVE LONG TERM movements, or TRENDS.  Unlike Gerald Celente - who gets it almost 100% of the time but who GOT BURNED BY DON CORZINE from Mafia Financed Gold.  Well here's Marc Faber.  ;)  

Don't Hold Physical Gold in the US (CNBC April 17, 2011)   

Marc Faber, occupythebanks.com can tell you, knows his shit, so listen up and pay attention, to a bit of VERY RECENT intel given publicly by a man who rightly charges the earth for his investment advice to private clients, institutions, and we guess on the sly a few governments here and there!  Marc Faber ladies and gentlemen of occupy who are seeking to find people who can explain what is going on, here in August telling you GOLD is still undervalued.

Above we have the (cough) elephant in the room; the trading range of gold in August 2011:  USD $1620 - $1880. ;)

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