Friday, 23 December 2011

ANON OPS: Boycott Go Daddy Domains Registrar!

This is an excellent idea which we fully support:  everyone on the planet move their domain names away from SOPA supporting SCUM-BAGS at Go Daddy, all on the same day; 29th December 2011.  Let's start a new year, with an OLD SCUM-BAG COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS - and knocked out of business in just one business day.  

Write to all of your regular websites right now, telling them about this Operation, and letting them know, if you notice their domain name is still held with Go Daddy on or after 29th December 2011, they'll NEVER be receiving another visit from you or anyone you know, ever again.  If you are wondering which domain registrar you can move to easily, cheaply or without cost, and also how you at the same time can distance your website from USA SOPA control freakery, then we suggest you take a look at this excellent registrar:

Refer your friends - that's how we grow! :)
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