Saturday, 29 October 2011

311 #SPANISH REVOLUTION - Best Video Ever! #11M #15M

Fact is these bastards with their fingers on the cash spigot always find a few more trillion to keep their cronies never losing anything (even when they fucked up, never mind when they were outright criminal).  The Spanish, especially the Spanish youth - with 40% + unemployment - understand that the systems just doesn't doesn't give a FLYING FUCK about them WHATSOEVER!

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Now we may fundamentally disagree on the ways forwards for Spain (we understand they do not have and have not tried capitalism, as neither has anywhere else this previous century).  But Spain is for Spaniards & frankly it should be up to them to democratically decide how to default on their debt.

Get Motivated People - BE INDIGNANT

You see just like Iceland before them and the rest of Europe to follow them  - but much earlier - many there have worked out what we did back in June 2008.  That all debts of ALL (no exceptions folks) western (and many non-western) , GOVERNMENT, CENTRAL BANKS, PRIVATE BANKS & many MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS were trading INSOLVENT.  A crime. ;)

Bullshit.  No more bailouts.  PERIOD!  

It's jail time for these arrogant bastards that would crook their way to white collar fortunes and WE NO LONGER CARE FOR THEIR FRAUDULENT MARKETS!!  Follow @occupyofficial right now if you are on Twitter (our official occupy account!) - The White Rabbit won't lead you astray down the global rabbit hole he knows the way you see - but the BANKSTERS always do!  

For more of our coverage of the Spanish Revolution check out SPANISH REVOLUTION: Spain's Tahrir Square - best video!  Alternatively check out our SPANISH LANGUAGE SUB-TITLED MEDIA COVERAGE ES: Los Banqueros Internacionales! or para MUSICO ACQUI!  But what ever you do if you like great revolutionary tunes like the one above, then check out CHANGE IS GOING TO COME!

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