Sunday, 30 October 2011

MUSIC #BEAUTY Change is Gonna Come #SILKIECARLO (updated)

Have that special feel about the future this sound brings - isn't it just beautiful - like the singer - Silkie Carlo - a student at Cambridge University in England:  your Sunday aural treat!

SILKIE CARLO - Change is Gonna Come

Vid downed ... How about the ORIGINAL .... :)

More Bansta Bustin' updates coming as usual, hard at you all day:

1. Updated info for info warriors - you are all so cool!
2. Our FIRST GREEK PAGE - thanks to the kindness of a Greek Anon!
3. Amazing developments  HOW GLOBAL WE ARE GOING!
4.  List subscriptions are hitting that crucial 'tipping point' number - have you signed up yet?

Who Hears The White Rabbit!

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